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Entry in to Denmark

A Dinamarca faz parte dos países do acordo de Schengen da União Europeia, o que significa que você não precisa mostrar o seu documento de identidade nacional ou passaporte quando for viajar, para ou a partir de Dinamarca, a partir de um outro país Schenge

A Dinamarca tem uma localização perfeita para cruzeiros e em torno de Escandinávia, o Mar do Norte e o Mar Báltico.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle – Home of Hamlet

The cliffs of Møn in Denmark

Como é o clima na Dinamarca?

Nordic Food Recipe


1 kg mussels 
1 garlic clove
½ l. apple juice 
1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar 
1 tbsp. rapeseed oil 

Family grilling twistbread in Denmark


All national museums in Denmark have a free access policy for young persons under the age of 18. They are:

The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

Atrações gratuitas na Dinamarca

Cheap accommodation in Denmark

Primitive tent sites / Outdoor accommodation

Ring Riding Festival

The ruined castle

Koldinghus Castle Ruin is a treat in itself, but it also houses some interesting museums, including one dedicated to Danish silver. Just outside Kolding, you’ll find the Trapholt museum, where you can enjoy contemporary art, handicrafts and design.

South Jutland meat

Meaty delicacies

Taste the delicacies of South Jutland beef and lamb, particularly delicate due to the salty air of the area’s grazing region.

Beaches South Jutland

The Wadden Sea coast

The Wadden Sea along the west coast is an exciting national park and intertidal wetland teeming with birds and wildlife. You will not find as many swimming beaches on the region’s West Coast, but you can swim at Hjerpsted.

  1. Stride out on Denmark’s widest beach on the holiday island of Rømø
  2. See history come alive at the annual ring riding festival in Sønderborg, a medieval jousting sport enjoying a revival
Læsø salt

All of nature's best

North Jutland

Where two seas meet


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