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Venha às compras na Dinamarca, um dos melhores points para compra de design no mundo. Com uma história rica de design, liderada por lendas como Arne Jacobsen e Hans J. Wegner, o design dinamarquês tem se tornado um líder mundial de design.

Cycle routes Denmark

Desfrute os melhores pontos turísticos e atrações de Leste Dinamarca de bicicleta, com a ajuda destes 9 novas ciclovias, cobrindo Møn Island, Stevns Cliffs, Falster Island e Prestø Island.

Cycling holidays Denmark

Faça um tour de bicicleta na Costa Oeste da Dinamarca, com uma ou todas das 16 ciclovias Panorama. Cada rota é um ciclo da rota nacional da Ciclovia da Costa Oeste que vai da costa da Jutlândia, de Rudbøl no sul, para Skagen, no norte.

Ring Riding Festival

The ruined castle

Koldinghus Castle Ruin is a treat in itself, but it also houses some interesting museums, including one dedicated to Danish silver. Just outside Kolding, you’ll find the Trapholt museum, where you can enjoy contemporary art, handicrafts and design.

South Jutland meat

Meaty delicacies

Taste the delicacies of South Jutland beef and lamb, particularly delicate due to the salty air of the area’s grazing region.

Beaches South Jutland

The Wadden Sea coast

The Wadden Sea along the west coast is an exciting national park and intertidal wetland teeming with birds and wildlife. You will not find as many swimming beaches on the region’s West Coast, but you can swim at Hjerpsted.

  1. Passeie pela praia mais larga da Dinamarca, na ilha de férias de Rømø

  2. Veja a história ganhar vida no festival anual de equitação em Sønderborg

  3. Experimente o fenômeno inacreditável do Sol Negro no Parque Nacional do Mar de Wadden

Læsø salt

All of nature's best

North Jutland

Where two seas meet

Windsurfing North Jutland

Surf's up!

You’ll experience superb conditions for windsurfing, with some of the best in Europe found at Klitmøller, on the West Coast. 

Hilly landscapes

Sea islands

On the island of Læsø out in the Kattegat, you can access large stretches of untouched nature and the island is almost entirely circled by wide beaches, with seal colonies and other wildlife. 

Kayaking West Zealand


Cyclists love West Zealand, with its many sign-posted cycle routes and easy access from Copenhagen. Hike the area’s many popular sign-posted routes, such as those across the Odsherred peninsula.

West Zealand landscape

Stunning views

You will witness a very special light when the weather is clear at Odsherred, a peninsula jutting out into the mouth of Isefjord. From here, you can see beautiful views as far as the eye can see. 



Sejerø is a beautiful and peaceful island, with undulating landscape and many small swimming beaches. Visit the old church, with its fine fresco paintings, or any of the many burial mounds on the island. You can reach the island by ferry from Havnsø.

West Zealand fruit

It's all about the produce!

You can drop in to many, local farm shops around West Zealand, with a great selection of locally-produced fruit and vegetables. The area around Lammefjord is known for its delicate asparagus, carrots and potatoes.

Roskilde Fjord

Calm, sheltered waters

West Zealand has a seemingly endless coastline. You can find many, family-friendly beaches with calm, shallow water along the Great Belt coast. Sejerø Bay on the Kattegat coast offers you some of Zealand’s best beaches, with fine, white sand and dunes.


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