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Brøndums Hotel

The food has throughout history been a central pivot for Brøndums Hotels.

The artists enjoyed it and described it in exalted terms to their friends at home and the food has always been a cornerstone of a successful stay at Brøndums Hotel.

The food at Brøndums Hotel is now a good mix of classic dishes, assisted by a season menu, where the kitchen creates dishes that are inspired by the raw materials which are just in season.

Del denne side

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Turisthus Nord



Anchersvej 3
9990 Skagen


+45 98441055


  • Facilities

    • Outdoor seating
  • Kitchen

    • Danish
    • Danish open sandwiches
    • French
  • Pricelevel

    • Main course: > DKK 250
  • Recommendations

    • White Guide Danmark

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Longitude : 10.598357999
Latitude : 57.724901