Sprogø - the island in the Great Belt, sightseeing

The Storebælt link and Sprogø island are located within a Natura 2000 area. Such areas are characterised by singular forms of nature or types of animals, which require particularly favourable conservation status. For the area around the Storebælt link, the reasons for the designation are porpoises, eider and sandwich terns.

Moreover, certain buildings on Sporgø are listed and nature conservation on the island is in keeping with the conservation plans for the island, which have been approved by Slagelse municipality.

Sandwich terns

On Sprogø, particular respect is paid to the sandwich tern, which breed on the island. Sund & Bælt has good experience from previous years of improving the conditions of sandwich terns and increasing the numbers, i.e. through adjustment of the herring gull and the establishment of a waterhole in 2010. This has resulted in an increasing number of terns breeding on the island.  

Valdemar the Great's castle

At the top of Sprogø are the remains of an old castle wall dating back to Valdemar the Great's time. Sund & Bælt has provided financial support to the National Museum and the Danish Agency for Culture for their restoration of the old castle wall. This help to give motorists a pleasant visual experience when they pass Sprogø on the Storebælt link.

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    Longitude : 10.7900637
    Latitude : 55.3127878

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