Stilling Solbjerg Lake

Stilling-Solbjerg Lake is situated in an East West going valley stretch about 5 km North East from Skanderborg.

The lake is about 7 km long and reaches all the way from the village Stilling (road 170, Århusvej)to the village Solbjerg (old Århus-Horsens country road)from which it has its name.

Despite the length of the lake it is in most places only a few hundred meters wide and in no places more than 1 km.

The lake stretches between great hights of East Jutlands beautiful moraine landscape which here and around Pilbro Valley offers many variations such a landscape can offer, both botanical and zoological and not least geological features.

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Destination Skanderborg



Søvejen 82
8660 Skanderborg


  • City / Area

    • Gudenå
    • Hørning
    • Ry
    • Skanderborg
    • Aarhus
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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.020163300
    Latitude : 56.0556567

Distance to

  • Ry st

    24 min 19,6 km km.
  • Ry st

    24 min 19,6 km km.