The Festival of Centuries

The Festival of the Century is a knowledge festival. With its mixture of knowledge, art, and culture, the festival, one year, turns the spotlight on a particular historical period, and alternates it the following year with a different theme, with the purpose of creating a debate about the lives we live and the society around us.



Join in from 5 to 8 March 2015 when the Festival of the Century puts the magnifying glass on the theme of EXISTENCE. With 50 events, the festival delves deeply into everything that makes a human being. For better or for worse.

It is a festival for the big questions about life – the Big Bang, love, happiness, evil, hope, dreams, longing, division, anger, utopia, and desire.


The festival brings together scientists, artists, institutions, and fiery creative souls with a programme that is both creative and has an edge.

There will be salons, concerts, dinners, literary nights, films, and exhibitions presenting scientists, authors, musicians, and artists side-by-side. The focus is on knowledge, yet it is always with the cultural experience as a sensual spice.


In keeping with tradition – opening festivities on 5 March

The festival kicks off with a grand opening celebration Thursday 5 March. Take part in a festival for the mind and senses when the scientists and artists expand your knowledge and understanding about man, the world and the universe.


The festival has teamed up with the SPOT festival so get out those dancing shoes when two exciting bands step on it with lyrics that make you think about all those small everyday things – the embarrassing, pleasant, fun, or perhaps terrible things.


Please note: Booking required for the opening celebration and for certain events! 

Event date/time
05/03/2015 - 08/03/2015 AarhusThursday - Sunday -

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