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5700, Svendborg

Svendborgs landmark, illuminated all year. Preserved in class B. Rebuild in 1859 and used until 1958. Svendborg Community owns the mill.
Can only see the mill from the outside....

The smithy is a workshop used for making ironmongery for buildings worthy of preservation. The idea is that through this work the old smiths can pass on the trade to the younger generation....

© knud mortensen

Lundeborg Havn

5874, Hesselager

The very special atmosphere of Lundeborg fishing hamlet is an attraction for yachtsmen, who also enjoy the very modern facilities of the 90-berth marina....


5700, Svendborg

A prehistoric tower in Svendborg...

Orte Mølle & Røde Mølle

5700, Svendborg

Orte Mølle and Røde Mølle are water mills which both belonged to the Hvidkilde estate. Orte Mølle can be dated back to the twelfth century, making it one of the oldest mills in the country....

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

The Water Tower on the Queen's Bastion

In 1899, the water tower on the Queen's Bastion was designed by architect Emil Swanenflügel from Odense.

It was built with great pride and it is a unique examp...

© visit svendborg


5700, Svendborg

The bridge connects Funen with the island Taasinge. Build in 1966....

© knud mortensen

Vejstrup Vandmølle

5882, Vejstrup

One of the most beautiful old watermills on Funen by Vejstrupgaard.

Entry to the watermill by appointment...

Ventepose Mølle

5700, Svendborg

One of Denmarks 3 oldest watermills, built in the 17th century. In use until 1934. Owned by Valdemars Castle. No public admittance....

Vestre Mølle

5762, Vester Skerninge

Vestre Mølle, south of Vester Skerninge, used the power of the water from the river Syltemae Å and was one of the biggest mills i the area....

2015 Exhibition in Vrå. The artwork of more than 70 different artist are a part of Vrå-udstillingen (the Exhibition in Vrå) each year in August. That is Denmarks second largest art collection....

Project Hangar

9900, Frederikshavn

In early March 2013, the project Hangar begun.
In 2008 Knivholt Manor and Nordjyllands Kystmuseum acquired one of the two old German hangars built in 1941, which still exists and is located near the ...

Fylleledet - Kunstskoven

9900, Frederikshavn

Fylleledet Forest - The Secret Forest.

Only 2 km from Frederikshavn center, lies the forest that even the most frederikshavnere do not know. Fylleledet forest was during the war confiscated by the Ge...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

It stands on the water´s edge and its boulder foundation looks beautiful together with the stony seach.

The lighthouse was built in 1905 and was originally 32 metres high.
In 1953 the lighthous was r...

Herluflille Mill

4160, Herlufmagle

Herluflille Møllelaug is a local association founded in 2003 with the aim of rehabilitating Herluflille Mill and then operate it as a working museum. The mill is built in 1884 and is located in Næstve...

Captivating art in Vestervig!
We are twenty local artists and craftsmen here from Thy, who jointly operate the gallery, which is housed in the old Thinghus (the old Court House) Vestervig.

Here you ...


9520, Skørping

RebildPorten is the new welcome center for Rebild and Rold Forest. This is where you find inspiration and start your trip in our beautiful area .

Outside is a large terrace , where for instance can e...

© Karen Folker VN

The Elsinore History painted - the Middle Ages and the Sound Dues

In the old part of Elsinore you can see two fascinating murals descibing the town history in an alternative way.

The two Italian art...

© Roksilde Museum

Tadre Water Mill

4330, Hvalsø

Tadre Mill from around 1840 is one of the few water mills in Denmark still working as it was originally. The history of the listed mill dates back to the 13th century. It is the last of 13 mills in t...

The old Latin School

4230, Skælskør

The old grammar school is constructed between 1450 and 1550 to a rectory.After the Reformation (1536) all towns had "Latin Schools" and the Building was used as such for about 200 years. It is st...

© Den Gamle By

Remember the 1970s

8000, Aarhus C

Do you remember 1970s?
Experience an entire neighbourhood from 1974 in Den Gamle By, The Old Town Museum. You can visit six different homes, a pastry shop, a radio and TV shop and a gynaecologist's cl...

© Odense Bunkermuseum

Odense Bunker Museum

5230, Odense M

Come and experience the 450 m2 large nuclear bunker that formerly housed Odense Municipality's command center. It was the place where the mayor and key personnel were to go in the worst case, during t...

Lejre Art Society

4000, Roskilde

Lejre Art Society is an active association that opens its doors to everyone, regardless of residence. The society arranges art exhibitions at the four municipal culture centres, organizes trips to exh...


9000, Aalborg

The dock (Aalborg Royal Cruise Berth) at Aalborghus Castle welcomes you to Aalborg. If you visit Aalborg from the waterside, and your ship docks just outside the Castle then you get the real royal wel...

De Fem Hald'er

8800, Viborg

Visit the landscape of Hald where once the five 'Hald'er' were situated. Two 'Hald'er', the manor house 'Hald Hovedgaard' and the ruin named after Bishop Friis stil exist. The five 'Hald'er' have a lo...


8000, Aarhus C

Elvirasminde Chokoladefabrik
Chokoladefabrikken is an industrial building which was built in a simplified funkis style as a L-shaped building and is a significant fire story corner building in the cen...

© Kunst og Byrum Helsingør

On the gable of Allégade 7, you can see scenes from the maritime history, conducted by Spanish Oriol Caminal Martinez and Italian Piercarlo Carella. They've made their sketches on the spot, and the mu...

Melby Camp

3370, Melby
© Susanne Reiff

Sct. Hans Chapel

4100, Ringsted

St. Hans Chapel was build in 1901 as a substitute church for St. Bendt's church during its restoration. Since 1909 it has served as office and music school until 2013, where Ringsted Radiomuseum bough...

Fri og Fro Eco village

4500, Nykøbing Sj


The ECO-village Fri og Fro was established in Egebjerg in 2004 and the 16 plots contain 16 very different houses as well as a common house. The houses are all constructed from sustainable material...


4500, Nykøbing Sj

Annebergparken is a former psychiatric hospital, located at Egebjergvej about 2 kms south of Nykøbing Sj. by the end of Grønnehave Forest  and with a superb view of the Isefjord.

The many buildings i...

Vallekilde High School

4534, Hørve

Vallekilde Folk High School was founded by Ernst Trier in 1865 and the buildings were designed by ther architect Martin Nyrop who also  designed Copenhagen City Hall. The style has reminders of Nordic...

Maltkøllen in Rudkøbing

5900, Rudkøbing

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

Tranekær Old Estate Office

5953, Tranekær

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

Hou Lighthouse

5953, Tranekær

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be seen from a distance....

Lindelse Mill

5900, Rudkøbing

The mill is open Wednesday 17-19. And in the period 1 April to 31 August Saturday 10-13. It's free to see the preserved mill....

© Produktejer

Mosede Fort

2670, Greve

Mosede Fort

Mosede Fort, Denmark 1914-18 tells the story of Greve’s influence on the Danish neutrality defence during WW1. In 1915 the Danish army built Tunestillingen, a defence line from Mosede For...

© Davids Samling

The David Collection

1306, København K

The David Collection in Copenhagen is the largest collection of Islamic art in Scandinavia. Furthermore the collection contains European 18th century fine and applied art, displayed in interiors from ...

Møgeltønder Antik

6270, Tønder

Møgeltønder Antik...

© VisitMariagerfjord


9550, Mariager


You may drive eastward towards Hadsund along the beautiful Mariager Fjord from the little smiling town of Mariager. If you turn left at Fladbjerg and follow the fjord past Kongenshøj, today a s...

© vejen kunstmuseum

The cottage

6600, Vejen

Niels Hansen Jacobsen lived in this house, called "The cottage" in Vejen, his native town. The house is today private owned, and it is therefore only possible to see the house at a distance....

© ms arkiv - ubekendt

Jels Vikingeby

6630, Rødding

Jels Vikingeby at this time contains of a workshop and a longhouse from the Iron Age that was reconstructed from a viking settlement that was found by Hammerlev in Southern Jutland.

Jels Vikingeby o...

© ms arkiv

Jels Voldsted is believed to have been a castle or fortress of significant size. There are approximately 130 meters between the northern and southern boundaries of the mounds.

The landward side of ...

Den Gl. Hovedvagt

7000, Fredericia

Den old Main GuardJust like the guard buildings by the King's Gate and the Citadel this building by the Prince's Gate was originally built in timber frame. The foundation from 17...

© Annette Tenberg

The Nyord Exhibtion

4780, Stege

The cultural historical exhibition about Nyord opened in 2004. It is made in cooperation between Møn Library and Nyord Local Historical Society. The residents of Nyord have made a great effort to pres...

© Visit Kolding

The Moravians in Christiansfeld

6070, Christiansfeld

Visit the World Cultural Heritage in Christiansfeld

The town was founded in 1773 by German Moravian Brethren from Herrnhut by order of King Christian VII. The Herrnhuts were very skilled craftsmen an...

© ms arkiv

A historic stone house from 1870, called Friheden (Freedom), is located on the northern banks of the river of Kongeåen, which marked the former border between Denmark and Germany after the Second Schl...


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