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Knuthenborg Safaripark

4930, Maribo

Knuthenborg Safaripark 

…real full-time experiences for the whole family. You can experience the perhaps a little cheerless wolf forest together with its notorious inhabitants, viz for the first time...

Vindeholme Slot

4900, Nakskov

Do rent Vindeholme Castle in order to make a stay in the middle of the forest, but still with a view over the Baltic Sea.Vindeholme Castle is preferably suitable for all kinds of...

Bavelse Gods

4171, Glumsø

Jacob Ulfeldt built a magnificent rennaissance castle in 1588. However it was torn down in the 1700's, for what reason is not known. The present main building was built in 1845 by Christian Roennenkam...

Gunderslevholm Gods

4160, Herlufmagle

The High Court Judge for Zealand, Johannes Mogensen Grubbe, had a fortress built around 1335, Gunderslevsholm. However it was torn to the ground after the judge had quarrelled with the king, Valdemar ...


4700, Næstved

The boarding school was established in 1565 by Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Goeye for 'the sons of noble and other honest men'. They were themselves childless. Herlufsholm was originally founde...


4160, Herlufmagle

Tybjerggaard is a very old estate and was owned in 1291 by Jens Sjaellandsfar, (meaning Jens 'Zealand's father'!). The list of owners is long, but the one who built the main building in 1763 was Tyge ...

Gavnø Castle

4700, Næstved

Gavnø - the Island of Flowers - where historical memories, art, nature and flowers are united in one place. Already in the 12th century there was a pirate's castle at the island. In 1398, however, it ...

Broksø Gods

4160, Herlufmagle

In 1657, Broksoe was two farms. However it was turned over to the crown in 1661, because the then owner, Kai Lykke, had been sentenced for insulting His Majesty. The main building looks old, but it wa...


4250, Fuglebjerg

The oldest description of the buildings of Fuglebjerggård dates back to 1755. At that time the manor consisted of three old, tiled, half-timbered wings and a farm building. The main wing faced the sou...

Holmegaard Estate

4684, Holmegaard

Holmegaard Manor is one of Denmark's few remaining timbered manor houses. It was the building's owner Claus Daa who assembled the manor after it had been split for most of the 1500's. In 1801 the mano...

Gavnø Convent Church

4700, Næstved

The Convent Church is known as the most colourful church in Scandinavia. In the 15th century, Queen Margrethe the 1st founded a convent on the island, and Gavnø Castle was built up around the original...

Rønnebæksholm Gods

4700, Næstved

In 1321 Rønnebæksholm was mentioned for the first time where it was in the possession of the Moltke family. In 1840 it was bought by Harald Toft who was married to Ane Marie Carlsen. After his untimel...

The independent art and cultural centre Rønnebæksholm Kunst- og Kulturcenter is housed in the main building of the manor Rønnebæksholm Gods, one of the most impressive buildings in the Næsted area. Th...

Sørup Herregaard - seen from the air, © Sørup Herregaard

Sørup Herregaard

4100, Ringsted

Welcome to Sørup Herregaard.Sørup Herregaard is a charming and exciting hotel with conference facilities, situated in luxurious surroundings and its history dates back to the thirteenth century. ...

Merløsegaard Manor

4370, Store Merløse

Merløsegaard dates all the way back to 1679. The property is well sited in an elevated position and surrounded by undulating countryside and 300-year-old oak trees. The main building was rebuilt afte...

Skjoldenæsholm Estate

4174, Jystrup Midtsj

Historically, Skjoldenæsholm dates back to the Middle Ages. The present main building was erected in 1766 in Neo-classicistic style. Skjoldenæsholm today, is a beautifully renovated and well...

© Bodil Pinholt

Østergaard Manor

7870, Roslev

Østergaard Manor: A couple of kilometres from the present manor house, a castle mound by the name of Sallingholm or Nissum was dated by growth rings to the year 1275. The first building on the present...

© Gert Laursen


7800, Skive

The main building of Krabbesholm is a listed building. It was erected in the years 1550 to 1560, and its exterior structure is remarkably well preserved. The one metre thick double walls are made of b...

© Lis Messmann

Staarup Manor

7840, Højslev

Staarup Hovedgaard is the only privately owned manor house of this region which is open to the public. The historically preserved main building was built in 1554 and constructed over medieval cellars ...

Gjorslev castle

4660, Store Heddinge



The first known owner of Gjorslev is Rane Jonssen, who was one of those who was convicted of the murder of King Eric Klipping in Finderup let 1287th

Rane Jonssen was beheaded for ...

Valloe Castle

4600, Køge

Vallø Castle

The beautiful and majestic castle is in a big forest belonging to the estate. This historical monument is still a great and pompous castle, where noble women with roots in the old noble ...

© visit svendborg

Broholm Gods

5884, Gudme

The central building with tower was built in 1642 together with the gate wing and in conjunction with the embrassured barrier wall put up in 1621. N.Fr. Sehested, the wellknown archaeologist, replaced...

Valdemars Castle

5700, Svendborg

The castle was built 1639-44 for prince Valdemar, son of Christian IV_ and Kirstine Munk. Later the castle was taken over by the naval hero Niels Iuel. The castle still belongs to this family. You can...

© knud mortensen


5700, Svendborg

Bjørnemose is a beautiful placed bythe water, with own harbour and beautiful nature.

You can rent Bjørnemose as for a week using Dansommer and some weeks during the year, you can rent a room as B&B.

© knud mortensen


5874, Hesselager

During the period 1538-48, the whole group of buildings were built with Morten Bussert as the master builder and Jacob Binck as the artist of; inter alia, the paintings in the Hjortesal-Hall. The owne...

© knud mortensen

Hvidkilde Gods

5700, Svendborg

The present centre wing was built abt. 1550. In 1742 it was extended and the west- and east wings were added with, as far as is known, Phillip de Lange as the architect. In 1820 the impressive farm bu...

© knud mortensen


5881, Skårup Fyn

Klingstrup is not open for public....

© knud mortensen


5700, Svendborg

Not open to the public. Mainbuilding from 1885, and renovatet in 2000....

© knud mortensen


5771, Stenstrup

The manor was first mentioned in 1372, and the present main building with 2 floors and with adjoining wings of one storey from 1842 was erected on top of the remaining brickwork of the original brick-...

© knud mortensen

Mullerup Hovedbygning

5892, Gudbjerg Sydfyn

The forerunner can probably be found in one of the three castle mounds south of the existing manor house, built by the architect Charles Abrahams in 1884-87, inspired by French renaissance. The main p...

© knud mortensen

Nielstrup Hovedgård

5762, Vester Skerninge

This was a big castle stronghold in the Middle Ages, the castle mounds can still be discerned with its moats. After the civil war (the baron´s feud) a three-winged manor house with tower was built in ...

© visitsvendborg


5874, Hesselager

Rygård is not open for public....

© visitsvendborg


5762, Vester Skerninge

Rødkilde is not open for public...

© knud mortensen

Skjoldemose Herregård

5771, Stenstrup

Abt. 1500 Corfiz Hardenberg builds a manor house that possibly forms part of the existing one in two storeys over vauled cellars from 1662, built by the lord lieutenant Otte Krag. The main building go...

© knud mortensen


5882, Vejstrup

South of the present manor house from 1874-76 lie the castle mounds, 'Tislot', destroyed by fire during the civil war in Denmark 1534-36, 'the barons feud''. Shortly afterwards a new Tiselholt, enclos...

© knud mortensen


5882, Vejstrup

The history of the place dates back to the 14th century. The oldest part of the manor house was built in 1754, to which in 1802 was added another floor together with 6 zink-plated domes by Hans Kofoed...


Voergård Slot - Flauenskjold

9330, Dronninglund

Voergård Castle is Vendsyssel‘s most important castle and one of Denmark‘s most beautiful Renaissance buildings.
Like Sæbygård Castle and many other manor houses in the region, Voergård belonged to B...

Manor house dating back to the late Middle Ages, when it belonged to Børglum Bishop, Stygge Krumpen.Since that time, admirals & several generations of the Arenfeldt family have lived here. It...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Gråsten Palace

6300, Gråsten

Gråsten Castle:The castle is best known for the fact that the right of use in 1935 was given to the late King Frederik and Queen Ingrid. In the summer time, as the castle is occupied in about thr...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Sønderborg Castle

6400, Sønderborg

The castle was founded before 1200 and was from 1550-70 rebuilt into a four wing Renaissance castle.
The museum tells about the history of North Slesvig from the Middle Ages to the present with the ...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Augustenborg Palace

6440, Augustenborg

Augustenborg Palace is one of Denmark´s most beautifull and historic castles.

Sit in the lovely park under Hans Chistian Andersen´s favourite linden tree and enjoy the view over the water. It may hav...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Nordborg Castle

6430, Nordborg

The first castle was built in 1151. The present castle was built as a German School in 1911. Nordborg Continuation School was founded in 1921 by wholesaler Johan Hansen, Copenhagen - born in...

Højriis Slot & Gods

7900, Nykøbing M

One of Denmark's most beautiful neo-Gothic castles!
Højriis is first mentioned in 1397. Knight Johan Berg Sharp, the then owner, was one of Queen Margrethe's main advisers. Sharp Berg was a powerful ...

Spøttrup Castle

7860, Spøttrup

Spøttrup Castle, in Salling, is Denmark’s most well preserved medieval castle!

The Castle oozes of medieval times like nowhere else in Denmark. The museum offers numerous activities, such as role pl...

Skrøbelev Gods

5900, Rudkøbing

Skrøbelev Gods Manor House is magnificent. When those impressive wrought iron gates close behind you it's time to start enjoying being the “Lord of the Manor”. The stunning Manor House has been c...

Tranekær Slot

5953, Tranekær

Tranekær Castle is sited higt on a hill surrounded by water and clear for all to see. Parts of Tranekær Castle were erected as a defensive fortress already in the 13th. century. The 3 m thick walls we...

Herregården Egeløkke

5953, Tranekær

The present buildings of Egeløkke as well as the surrounding landscape are almost exclusively typical of the 1800s, and the main building from 1845 is Classical style. N.F.S. Grundtvig was a private t...


5900, Rudkøbing

Shortly before her death in 1979, Ellen Fuglede, Skovgaards previous owner, willed the manor to a trust belonging to the Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature. It was a thank you to the Societ...


5932, Humble

Discreet luxury and a tasteful relaxing atmosphere On Broløkke you sleep in a magnificent historical setting. The manor was built in the Baroque style in the 1700s and was later modernized with a sens...

© Brahesborg gods

Brahesborg Gods

5610, Assens

Brahesborg Gods

The listed main building was built in 1638–1656 with fortifications in Renaissance style, as well as a moat and three towers. Buildings, drawbridge and manor buildings are visible fro...


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